You’ll all be glad to know that I suffered no long-term effects from my Christmas card reading injury. A little walking around seemed to clear the trouble, but now I wonder: when will it strike again? It’s a menace, I tell you, even if it only shows up briefly once a year or so.

I joke that these little nerve twinges are a sign that I’m now in my thirties, but they really are disconcerting. What causes them? It’s not like I’ve got an old football injury, or an especially sedentary lifestyle. Maybe I had a mildly aggravated nerve from all that snow shoveling, or sitting in the car. Or both! Perhaps I need to incorporate more yoga into my life… or would that make it worse?

Oh! I have some drawings in a show here in the greater Seattle area! A few of my sketches are part of The Push Pin Show at the Gallery at Town Center in Lake Forest Park, just to the north of Seattle, almost at the tippy-top of Lake Washington, if you’re looking at a map (and getting there by boat?). The show will be up from January 7th to February 22nd, and the gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5. Go check it out– and check out the fabulous book store in that shopping center too.