I’ve heard that talent shows around the country are being inundated with performances of the various songs of “Frozen”, and Lorie’s experience over the weekend seems to confirm this observation. It’s a pretty big deal, but as a childless person in my thirties, the movie and its accompanying mania would’ve gone virtually unnoticed by me, except that I have a niece who keeps me informed about the developments of kid culture. I keep trying to think if there was anything that captured the imagination of me and my friends so thoroughly when I was kindergarten-age, but everything from back then seems so foggy it’s hard to say with much certainty. Maybe He-Man? It was an absurd television cartoon designed to sell absurd toys, but I still think it’s pretty cool. Although even at that age I found He-Man’s haircut to be kind of bizarre, and could never understand why he ran around clad only in wooly underpants.

As for the Piano Man, I’m afraid I missed his performance, although Lorie assures me it was very “interesting”. And fortunately not as controversial as he could’ve been, I guess? Still, it’s nice that he shared an original composition with the community. And it was an open mic, after all– they didn’t vet the material. And at least it was on his own time, and he didn’t barge in on any other performances. I wonder what some of his other songs are like?