Flies live in a world of constant peril, and it’s sometimes odd to consider the obstacles that are ultimately their undoing. Excluding deliberate efforts like fly paper and bug zappers, it seems the two human creations that most entrap flies are the Window-With-Light-On-The-Other-Side and Being-Upside-Down-On-A-Smooth-Flat-Surface.

When you watch a fly trying its best to crash though a window, though, it really makes you wonder: what’s our “window”? That is, as human beings, what barriers do we face without even comprehending that they are barriers, banging our heads against them over and over without really thinking about it? Flies just try to do what they always do, and hope to get lucky and find an open window or door, but they’re not always successful. Do we do anything like that? Maybe there’s some comparatively omnipotent space-gods out there watching us run around obsessing about things like genes, Biebers, and subatomic particles, chuckling to themselves about how if we just took the time to transmute our collective consciousness into the World Fabric, we could just Meld-walk through the cosmos to substantiate onto the Ur-Plane. It’s like we can’t even perceive the Void-Drifts of Meta Field Psionics!

As a note on the age of flies (or at least the Diptera– the two-winged “house fly” type flies that we’re most familiar with), they’re not exactly among the oldest critters out there. Individual flies are really short-lived, of course: they only live for a few weeks (if that), but flies as a schematic have been on the earth since the early Triassic period. They are indeed older than flowering plants, but there are animals on earth sporting body plans that are even older. Horseshoe crabs are really old: they’ve been around for roughly 400 million years. And, of course, things like jellyfish and sea sponges are even older than that. Still, flies are pretty darn old for things that live their lives on land, since sea life seems like it tends to weather extinction events a little better. I guess their weakness for windows aside, they’re pretty successful as a group at surviving and sending their offspring into the next generation.