I mentioned in a comic years ago that I’d set up a Pinterest account largely for the purpose of submitted silly ideas to my siblings for their wedding planning, and it’s gone mostly unused since then. I’m just not a pinner, I guess. I tend to do things the old fashioned way: saving images to my desktop, and then organizing those images into folders. Still, I’ve found a couple boards to follow over the years, most of which involve painting armies of tiny maniacs and monsters, or making itty-bitty trees and hills. One can only imagine what terrors this might introduce into the home-boards of my conventionally-crafty friends and relatives.

As an artist, I’ve tried to use Pinterest “for realsies” though, without much success. I made a little board called “Inspirado”… and then never really expanded it, or had a look at it. It seems a little odd to me that I can’t really get into it. I love collecting interesting little things, and having a virtual digital collection would be ideal, compared to having cigar boxes full of ephemera taking up space on my shelves. But I suppose I shouldn’t worry about it too much. I’m still making stuff, and (hopefully) growing artistically, so if I discover some kind of role for a Pinterest board in my future, I can always set it up then.