Do you have a strong opinion about what facial hair style will be recorded for posterity in all of my brother’s wedding photos? Let me know. I’ve been thinking about it this week, and it’s come down to these five options. Oh, and the sixth, un-pictured option: “clean-shaven.” Once that question is resolved, then I have to decide what to do with my hair. Wear it up? Down? Permed? And then what color?

I’m definitely in Wedding Mode right now, though. I’m back in Montana, helping with all the preparations, although I took some time off today to craft a comic. Once this is posted, I’ll probably head back out to climb around on a ladder, paint some signs, or just move stuff around. It’s been fun, though: I’ve been doing a lot more tractor driving and hay pitching than I had to do for my wedding. Why, a couple days ago even a chainsaw was involved. We haven’t had to do any welding so far, but I wouldn’t count that out just yet.