You know about boudoir photography, right? It’s a generally risqué sort of portraiture where ladies are photographed for their spouses– it might seem sensational, but there’s usually no nudity. I’m not sure how it came up, but while having dinner with our friend Emily (who does food styling for food photography) the other night, I ended up telling her to start taking “food-oir” photos, and thus this comic was born.

Incidentally, I just looked up the term “foodoir photography” on the web, but turned up no titillating results. It all seems to be fairly conventional food photography, so does that mean I’ve accidentally invented a bizarre subset of the field? I’m sure “sexy food” is somewhere on the internet, but I have no intention of digging too deep to find it. Why, some may say I’ve already spent too much time on it, so I think I’ll ponder other things. Actually, I’m kind of hungry, so I think I’m going to go have an orange.