Seattle is a pretty nerdy city at any time of the year, but this past weekend was PAX Prime, which means things were a little more concentrated than usual. If you were downtown, you probably saw something unusual from Thursday through Monday– it’s pretty tough to not notice all of the robot costumes, anime princesses, and steampunk aficionados as they walk up and down Pike street between the market and the convention center.

As for the gentleman represented in the comic, he’s a composite figure, but there were many, many folks exhibiting some combination of all of those traits. Utilikilts in particular seemed more prevalent than I remember this year. I consider myself someone who is pro-kilt, but I’ve never worn one. I won’t rule it out for the future, but my general notion is that I prefer the pattern of a good old tartan, since some of the solid colors tend to look a little too schoolgirl-skirty. And the toe shoes? Why, I’d probably already have a pair if I thought my feet would fit into them– I think my toes aren’t quite situated at the proper angle.

So anyway, it was a very fun weekend, but it’s time for me to get back to my own particular sphere of nerdery, and resume my comic makin’ schedule. I’ve got big plans for this last quarter of the year!