It’s always tough when pets get old, and it always seems to happen so fast. Ten years seems like forever when you’re a kid, but, as is often observed, the years seem to go faster once you’ve racked up another decade or two. I wonder if cats and dogs are aware of our aging process? I envision that in the mind of our family dog, my Dad is seemingly ageless and unchanging, like Elrond or something. Perhaps she perceives him to be as permanent as the landscape: subject to gradual change over time, but seldom different from day to day, month to month, or year to year.

Is seven the usual multiplier for “dog years”? I just tried to fact-check that (as much as one can fact-check a folk-saying), but just found out that their algorithm has a substantially different opinion on the matter. I know the saying isn’t literal, but does that mean that a regular old 24-hour day is a dog-week? No wonder they get so sleepy in the evenings. For some reason, thinking of a day as a week is making me feel really under-accomplished for the day, so I think I’m gonna get this posted and go out and do stuff. Time is slipping past, like.. like… something!

And now I’m thinking about Blade Runner, for like the tenth time this week. I’m way overdue to watch that again.