I think it’s fairly obvious that today’s comic is a work of fiction, but it is based on true events having nothing to do with us, news of which may have reached you at some point. To reassure current and potential future landlords, we don’t deal with spiders this way! Lorie would rather not deal with them at all, but is more inclined to squishing than incineration. As for me, I favor capture and/or recruitment. I’ve noticed several of the “gatekeeper” spiders have helpfully eliminated a couple of their more discomfiting brethren, and while Lorie tolerates this arrangement, she doesn’t like it when I point it out.

We’re getting into the “spider season” now, so we have a few more wandering indoors. Some of them are pretty big! The largest of these guys will even give me the willies, mostly because they show up rather unexpectedly. But, of course, they’re basically harmless, and literally just lookin’ for love. I wrote a bit about them last year, and if you’d like more information, about them or spiders in general, check out Rod Crawford’s super informative site.

On a somewhat related note, did you guys ever see Arachnaphobia, the spider sort-of-horror movie from 1990? It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but making this comic reminded me of the scene with Jeff Daniels setting fire to his basement, which I think you might be able to find on various web-video providers. But don’t go out and watch that movie, I guess, since I’m trying to convince you that spiders in your house are harmless! I don’t know why I brought it up!