One of the advantages of sleeping in an upper-story bedroom is that we can leave the window ajar at night without concern that a raccoon will invade the house as we sleep. This also means that the window is usually open in the morning too as the birds wake up. It’s mostly pleasant, but every once in a while I get the impression that all of the birds are just yelling at each other… which I suppose they are.

I don’t know how self-aggrandizing most bird songs really are, but I suspect most of them are singing something along the line of “I survived the night, so all of my sexual rivals better watch out, and if anyone is interested in breeding, you know where to find me”. At least that’s how I start my day. Some people prefer yoga or a shower, but I just yell out the windows while the coffee is brewing.

Oh, and speaking of birds and such, perhaps you can help me with something. Do you know what kind of bird this little guy is? I spotted him in a tree next to one of the ranger stations in Olympic National Park during our visit to the peninsula last week, and I can’t quite figure out who he is. He’s a fledgling, but I caught a glimpse of what I think was a parent bird who was similarly colored and patterned. I’ve been looking at the lists of usual passerines of Washington state, but just can’t quite zero in on an ID. In terms of size scale, I’d say “chickadee or bigger, smaller than robin”. Let me know if you’ve got any insight– I’m not very familiar with what particular birds are often found in that area!