Appearing once more: my niece. Lorie and I visited over the course of Thanksgiving weekend, during which I had much opportunity to observe some of her comical flights of attention. Also, she’s at the age when she has no “filter”, as evidenced by the admonishment she gave someone who was smoking outside of the bowling alley: “THOSE ARE VERY BAD FOR YOU AND YOU SHOULDN’T DO THAT!” Fortunately, she didn’t seem to notice that the frowning gentleman at the shoe rental counter looked sort of like Gargamel from the Smurfs movie that we watched earlier in the day. That one was me.

From what my parents have told me, I have some pretty good embarrassing public outbursts from my toddlerhood, but I might keep those under my hat for now. As for the bowling score: my best of the afternoon was 123. With the bumpers, by the way. It turns out my score doesn’t improve much when I can’t fall into the gutters, just as theoretically removing the sand traps from a golf course doesn’t significantly improve my golf game.

Man, I haven’t golfed in years. Is it “golfed”, or “gone golfing”? “Golfed” sounds sort of like a tumultuous gastric occurrence. Anyway, I haven’t done it in a while, and I suspect I’d be so out of practice I’d be considered a menace and ejected from the course. Anyway, I’ve finished this at one in the morning, so I should really cut the meandering short and just get this posted.