I see a lot more people running around here in Seattle than I ever did last summer in Bridger, so the stylistic variation between folks is intriguing to me. I was never a track athlete in high school or anything, so when it comes to my style of gait, I was never scrutinized for efficiency by any sort of coach or trainer. So, I essentially “kid-run” as an adult, and am certainly not in a position to assess the biomechanics of others. Is there a running version of the “doggie-paddle”? I guess that’s probably what I do.

Still, some choices are perplexing to me. Wet Noodle Style is particularly strange, and characterized by loose, flailing joints flying every which way as physics dictates. It seems like it would kind of be painful, but it also only seems to be used by lanky (and possibly exhausted?) teenagers. Maybe it’s a less athletic version of “The Sprinters’ Swim”– the powerful, arm-reaching movements of someone really opening up as they surge toward a finish line. As for the other styles portrayed, I probably move through all of them (other than Multi-tasker) at some point in my run, depending on how far I’m going, or how hot I get. Lest you feel I think too highly of myself as I run about, remember that I’m not exactly a graceful gazelle. I’m usually Soaked-In-Sweat Guy, and when I saw photographs of myself running in last summer’s half-marathon, I looked like I was trying to balance an invisible flower vase on my head. But hey, looking silly in public is probably a good skill to develop, right?