Based on a true story! This is literally the dream she had the morning we decided to get up earlier to carpe some diem. The best part is that when I mentioned it later in the day, she had no recollection of such a dream.

“Made of Legos?” she said, with clear skepticism.

“Yeah. Don’t you remember?”

She didn’t, so evidently Lorie can “wake up” at some sort of level of functionality between awake and asleep. What would you call that? Sleepwalking, I suppose, except that she doesn’t ambulate about, so maybe just sleep…conversing?

As for myself, I’m not sure if I can do anything elaborate when I’m asleep– or at least unconscious. Experience indicates that the only skill I have is an ability to find and turn off an alarm clock, and then return to bed. Perhaps I should use this system to hit the ground rolling.