I wasn’t actually this sassy or obnoxious when I heard this phrase at the grocery store, and didn’t say anything about it at all, but the thought of one of these check stand charity things raising money for truly nefarious purpose stuck in my mind. Goodness knows I commit plenty of grammar and syntax crimes myself, but it does seem like a couple extra words could clarify his implied meaning.

But, muscular dystrophy is terrible, and funds should be raised to help conduct research. It’s one of those gene-linked conditions that seems like it should be somehow treatable by somehow providing the body a source of effective dystrophin, but such things aren’t as simple as a daily injection or pill. Or at least not yet, anyway. The Muscular Dystrophy Association seems like a good organization to which one can make donations for the purpose of promoting research and providing support to families, and I’d encourage you to do so. Like cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy one of those conditions that affects primarily children, as symptoms become apparent early in childhood, and life expectancy is not high. Nevertheless, the efficacy of treatments has been advancing in the last decades, and we’ll hopefully see breakthroughs in our lifetimes that make this condition and others like it truly treatable, and perhaps even curable.