We just got back from a visit to the niece over the weekend, and she’s grown quite a bit since we last saw her in February! That’s what kids do, I guess. She’s starting first grade soon (or maybe started yesterday?), and is very excited about it. It’s kind of funny to think about how much she’s changed over the years, and how much she’s stayed the same. It’s got me in a little bit of a sentimental mood about my own childhood, so I suppose I should dig out some of those old home movies from when I was in my single-digit years the next time I’m home. How much of my personality was already in place when I was six? How much was shaped by later experience? I guess those are some of the fundamental questions behind a lot of child development/psychology, so they’re probably not easily answered.

And in other niece and nephew news, there’s more of each on the way for me in the next few months! But they’re not here yet, so I guess there’s not much to say about them at the moment.