If you’ve ever been to the Seattle waterfront, you’ve likely picked up on the fact that giant slugs are a semi-iconic thing around here. That’s not because they particularly like to live at the piers and docks down at the water, but because that’s an area of concentration for some of Seattle’s souvenir shops, which all seem to have some form of banana slug magnets available amongst the postcards, space needles, and mummies. We don’t really have too many banana slugs specifically in town, but we get plenty of other Very Large Slugs, some of which are more native than others, and some of which are more shunned by gardeners than others.

I understand it actually hasn’t been that great of a year for slugs, since it’s been a hotter and drier summer than usual. Still, I saw a few galavanting around the sidewalk the other night, bolstered by a nice rain shower from earlier that day. I think it’s also been a tougher year for the spiders and fruit flies too, since they don’t seem quite as prolific as they were last year. But I don’t actually have any data to back that up. I’ve been a bit busier this year, so perhaps I haven’t had as much time to stop and smell the roses, or survey the spiders, and consequently haven’t noticed as many. So, as summer transitions into autumn, and the rainy days return, perhaps I’ll see more snails out and about.