Based on true (and frequent) events! I’ve actually been trying to shave a little more regularly these days, and I have to confess that’s due in part to this phenomenon. It still happens, though! The undepicted event is that sometimes folks (ladies, that is. Guys generally don’t take an interest in each other’s stubble) will want to poke at it, although the only person I can think of off the top of my head who did this was my sister. Evidently ladies find facial hair both gross and mildly interesting, which is probably a good description of the male sex on the whole.

Perhaps I should start growing a awesome, wacky beard for the 2012 USA National Beard and Moustache Championship in Las Vegas. Or maybe I’ll just keep it well-managed for the time being. While we’re on the subject, perhaps I’ll refer you to this catchy tune about the care and cultivation of one’s facial hair.