At this point, I think we all know that processed food is… well, “processed” might even be the wrong word for what we know these days. “Processing” sounds reductive, like carefully trimming a culinary bonsai tree. I think we’re fully “constructing” food these days, building burgers and nuggets out of protein & oil vats in the same way that cellular life emerged from the hot water stews of primordial molecules. We’re pretty much aware of the nature of some of these foods, yet we eat it! I eat it! Heck, I ate a microwaved gas-station freezer burrito this very afternoon, and it was delightful. But I also try to balance things out, and get some fresh broccoli and fruit in my diet too.

Anyway, Lenten Fridays are one of the few times of year I’m very conscious about my diet, and end up eating deliberately vegetarian-ish. It’s an interesting exercise for me. Oh! And I did some extremely superficial research to determine whether or not bacon flavor is considered to be kosher. Recent news indicates that at least one product is officially certified, so I feel like a third party has created a precedent supporting my Pasta & Bean soup decision. Huzzah!