You’ve just caught 500 Black Widows… now what do you do with them? As indicated, I didn’t feel like I could just chuck them into the dumpster, since they might escape if the containers get crushed (or, that is, crushed enough to open, but not enough to smash the occupants). Ultimately, I decided a couple hours in the freezer would be sufficient to quietly and simply ensure that they wouldn’t accidentally colonize a different part of the research station, or get transported somewhere else by a garbage truck.

I felt bad doing it, though. I don’t like dooming things, even heartless predators like these spiders. Systematic extermination just seems… troubling to me. It’s evidently something I’m capable of doing, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. But, I did save one jar– the one containing the largest of the spiders that we had collected. It just seemed like it was a shame to kill the mightiest specimen, so I took it (and the rest of the spiders in the container) home with me.

Oh, and incidentally, spiders do not freeze into nice little ice blocks, though that would be cool, and lend itself to all sorts of ice cube-related pranks.