I’m afraid I missed yesterday’s comic post, since Lorie and I were traveling from Stevensville to Butte. Also, I have to confess that I got involved in a Risk game at my brother’s place yesterday after dinner, so I wasn’t able to get the comic finished until today. But here it is!

I should clarify for any future landlords who might be reading this: I have no intention of bringing one or more black widows into any of my future dwellings. I am precluded from this by a clause of my wedding vows. In fact, you might find me handy around the property, since I have a history of being able to catch skittery spiders of known toxicity without freaking out! Of course, these are simply Rocky Mountain spiders, so they’re not exactly the worst arachnids out there. I’m not going to fiddle with crazy jungle spiders, or anything with too many legs in or from Australia. And probably not scorpions.

Anyway, thus concludes the tale of how a jar of black widows ended up under my bed. I’m not quite sure what next week’s comic will be, but it probably won’t feature any insects or spiders.