Just in case the last panel needs some explanation as to why I was standing on a patch of flaming grass this past weekend, I was home visiting my family for Easter. That Saturday, my brother and I were helping my Dad burn ditches, which is the spring-time practice of setting fire to all of the weeds and various growth that have grown in the dry ditch channels, so that the flow of water won’t be impeded when irrigation becomes necessary in a few weeks.

As crazy as three people trying to control a grass fire might sound, this is a common practice. We actually did pretty well, since we were working on a low-wind day on a day after some moisture, so it wasn’t too risky of an endeavor for us, but it’s pretty common for these sorts of things to flare out of control and set fire to entire fields, and the various things located next to fields. Really, it seems like a ridiculous practice to me, and I’m sure there must be some kind of better way to do it that wouldn’t make it seem so much like a lawsuit waiting to happen, but I can’t think of a better way to clear ditches that doesn’t involve either thousands of hours of tedious weed-pulling, or crazy things like a pack of ravenous goats.

Meanwhile, I’ve written elsewhere here on the website about my psychology when it comes to getting rid of things that most people normally just throw away as trash. The MacGyver part of me knows that everything can be useful, but the practical part of me knows that I can’t possibly store all of that nonsense, so I usually maintain a pretty normal existence.

Do kids these days know about MacGyver? I guess if you don’t know what I’m talking about, this might answer some of your questions.