I’ve been on the road this week, first for my sister‘s wedding in Missoula, and now for Lorie‘s big museum show at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls, MT. We’ve only arrived in Great Falls today, but the wedding did generate at least one little vignette I figured I’d share with you. Retrieving the flowers was really a non-issue, despite a minor misunderstanding at the shop, and we were in fact the first folks to arrive at the church. We were quite satisfied to be waiting for everyone else to get there, and pleased to have successfully accomplished our task. My brother even had time to go to Arby’s before the big event.

This is my first visit to Great Falls, despite being a 30-year resident of the state, so let me know if you have any favorite points of interest in the area. Lorie has been my tour guide thus far, since this was “The City” her family would visit when she was a kid in Shelby. So far, she’s identified the building where she bought her bass guitar, which now seems to be some sort of vacuum store. Other than that, we’ve really just been to the museum, where she’s currently getting the work prepared to go on the walls. If you are a resident of the greater Great Falls area, or are perhaps just passing through, you should be sure to check out the opening reception next Tuesday, August 5th. I don’t quite know what time it’s supposed to start, so I’ll add that when I know for sure. EDIT – I now know the time of the opening! The reception is scheduled from 5:30 to 7:30, so come on by and see the shows, and chat with the artists!