Lorie and I just recently had our wedding anniversary, and, as described in the comic, you may recall that I essentially roped her into a half-marathon with my family last year. We didn’t run this year, but we also didn’t leave town either. It was actually a fairly casual observance, with an evening downtown being tourists in our own city, and a dinner on the waterfront. Perhaps we’ll be visiting the Olympic Peninsula another time!

As for Forks, WA, I’ve never been there, so it’s unfair of me to characterize it as “All Twilight, All the Twime.” It’s probably a great place! I’ve heard the town has embraced their connection to the media franchise, and a perusal of their website seems to indicate that they’ve benefited from some tourism interest as a result. The Twilight connection is actually a little more repellant to me, but I’m sure there’s plenty of things there that would hold my interest too, like temperate rainforest and a coastal ecosystem. It seems like a nice place, and Lorie and I will probably visit there someday. I’ll even visit Sites of Twilight Interest, but no cosplay for me!

If we had lots of time & gas money, I suppose we could do a whole little Pacific Coast books/movies road trip, visiting Astoria, Oregon (The Goonies), and Monterey, California (Cannery Row). And I suppose a bajillion things are set in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Oh! I’ve got it: Star Trek 4 and Terminator 2, respectively. And… what else has been set on the Pacific Coast? My impromptu list seems to consist of mostly movies, so maybe I should come up with some more literary ideas.