Finding something that looks like a little tick with scorpion claws can be alarming, but if you know what it is, then there’s no cause for concern. In fact, I find them to be a welcome presence around the house: they don’t eat our food, they don’t eat the foundations of our homes, they don’t eat our stuff, they don’t eat our pets, they certainly don’t eat us; they just roam around preying upon even smaller arthropods.

You may have seen mention of pseudoscorpions around here before: a version of this scene appeared in an early comic, and the non-comic side of the site has a little write-up about one I found a few years ago. Now when I find them I usually don’t point them out to Lorie– I think the “pseudoscorpion” name is just too alarming. I understand they’re sometimes colloquially called “book scorpions”, but that still contains the problematic “scorpion” implication, and makes them sound like something you’d find in a Monster Manual. She might be more into them if they were called “library guardians” or “pixie pitbulls” or something. If you need another reason to like them, the males do a little dance to impress their ladies. Really! Arachnids like to dance, apparently.

Anyway, if you see them around your house, think of them as a little good-luck guardian or something. Find a magnifying glass, get to know them a little bit, and wish them success as they continue their crusade to rid your home of less-welcome critters, like various larvae and mites.