One of my favorite parts about Halloween is the enthusiasm with with many people decorate. It’s the only time of year when otherwise normal (seeming) folks jab cartoonishly gothic tombstones into their front lawn, hang a skeleton in the living room window, and make sure the crawling dismembered hand has fresh batteries in it. Consequently, there’s a lot of Halloween decorations available these days, some of which I’m tempted to incorporate into my decorating all year long.

Of course, it’s not too hard to find a skull mug any time of year– for whatever reason, it’s a motif that shows up frequently on the shelves at the right kind of truck stop. Perhaps it’s so that we may reflect on the dangers of our highways. As the Medieval scholars of old kept a skull on their desk as a reminder that their time was short, perhaps the modern trucker uses his skull goblet for similar purpose.

And it turns out you can just buy an actual human skull too, albeit only “for educational or research purposes.” Apparently it costs $1,595 dollars. So, wear a helmet when you bike around town, folks! It helps preserve your re-sale value.