Today you’ll find the first installment of a two-part comic based very, very loosely on the Twelve Days of Christmas carol. It has nothing to do with the “days” per se, it’s just that I realized I have twelve panels between here and Christmas, so it seemed like it would be a good fit. It also gives me a solid plan to work ahead a little for next week, so you should find a comic posted nice and early on Christmas day. And instead of feverishly trying to finish a comic on Christmas Eve, I’ll probably be feverishly wrapping presents instead!

You’ve seen Creepy Santas before, right? Sometimes you see dolls/decorations that are trying to be hyper-excitably cute, but instead they look accidentally maniacal. Santas are one thing, but the worst (or best?) ones are when they’re supposed to be cute children (often babies), but instead they look like their faces are contorted in a grotesque, evil visage of true terror. These aren’t just the vacant, porcelain stares of old Victorian dolls; they look like they really will come to life and skitter around your house at night.