Merry Christmas! I made a comic for you: part two of the epic saga. It’s the first time I’ve “broken format” and messed around with the panel proportions, and it’s also a little jumbo-sized. It also happens to be the last comic of this calendar year, so you’ll see the next one in 2013!

Just to keep you from getting the wrong impression of him, I should point out that my brother was not holding four bottles when we walked in the door; he just had one. And they’re root beer bottles, right? My Dad also makes his first-ever appearance, but he doesn’t have any lines this week. He’s planning on having my brother and I help him demolish and old shed this week, so perhaps that will end up being a comedic incident that will be distilled into comic form. And whether anything interesting happens or not, a tale of a boating trip on the Bitterroot river from several years ago certainly has a lot of comedic potential.