Seattle’s waterfront is usually a bit too crowded for me to run there regularly– as one of the tourism hotspots of the city, the sidewalks are often congested with pedicabs, street performers, and families “Wizard-of-Ozing.” I also noticed there seems to be a concentration of selfie-sticks in the area too. Obviously, I don’t actually elect to “upgrade” my phone through the means depicted in the comic– that’s just not a nice thing to do! But, when I run past the selftographers reaching out at me with their scepters, oblivious to all but the few square inches of screens in front of them, I can’t help that feel it must be a bit of a phone theft bonanza these days. I mean, some of those phones are potentially worth $800, right? And just how well can you chase down a vagabond while you’re wearing flip-flops?

Granted, I’m not sure what you’d actually do with a stolen phone. I mean, they have serial numbers, and are digitally tethered to major corporations– they’re tracking devices, and I don’t mean that in a paranoid conspiracy theory kind of way. They literally send and receive signals all the time, whether you want them too or not. Many phones aren’t that hard to find after they’re stolen– but it seems like the trickier part can be trying to get someone to do something about it. But, they seem to get stolen all the time anyway, so there must be some market for them. I’m definitely not a criminal mastermind– maybe they’re more lucrative as parts or something.