Seattle has a very busy sky… busier perhaps than anywhere else I’ve been, aside from maybe Washington DC. Both cities have their airport approaches go right over downtown, so that probably contributes to a tremendous amount of the traffic, but at a certain point, I feel a little at times like I am in the city of all those old 1930’s posters, with all the airplanes flying around. There’s no airships, unfortunately, but it’s never too late, right?

As for being obviously “not from around here,” I don’t think it’s really so bad as that. I’m from western Montana, and consider the Pacific Northwest to be something of a cultural cousin, contrasted with more exotic and strange locales, like the East Coast, The Midwest, or Kurdistan. Mostly I don’t know where anything is, and am familiarizing myself with what’s the same and what is different. They sell liquor in regular old grocery stores here, did you know that? Also, there are a lot of Phở restaurants around, and I’m not sure there’s even one in Montana. That’s true of the harbor seals too, I suppose.