Earwigs have a tendency to show up when you least expect them, which is pretty much half of what makes them so creepy. The other half is the fact that they have those freaky “pincers” on their butts. Oh, and the fact that they’re called earwigs doesn’t help. Any bug with an orifice as part of its name is going to be a little alarming. Do you have these sorts of bugs where you live? I’ve always just sort of assumed they’re found all over the place, but they’ve definitely been part of the backdrop of anywhere in Montana I’ve lived.

This particular specimen was discovered when I got into the shower after a month of vacancy while we were on the road, and I imagine it was a lot of work to climb up those slick shower walls just to get to the washcloth. Earwigs are almost entirely harmless (I say “almost” because out of the the thousands I’ve encountered [not all at once] only one has ever tried to bite me, like an ant), but it’s probably a good thing I got in the shower before Lorie and found this one. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in our years together, it’s that Lorie doesn’t like surprise bugs.