I’m not very good at titling things, but surprisingly the notion of what to call this comic came fairly easy. In fact, I can’t really think of any runner-up names, if there were any. I didn’t even have a code-name for this project… I think I just called it “the comic.” Tyranny of Pants may have actually been a working title I stuck on it, but then just grew to like. I talk about it as though it’s been around for years, but it has, in a sense. February was just its debut– it’s been a project I’d been carrying around in my head for longer than that, so I tend to think of it as older than it actually is.

It actually didn’t occur to me to spell-check the comic until just now, after it was all finished, but it turns out that “patriarchal hegemony” is one of those things I can spell correctly right out of the gate, whereas I almost never spell something more standard like “maintenance” on the first try. Oh! I got maintenance that time, though! Maybe I’ve finally learned how to spell it correctly.