In actuality, I’m fortunate enough to have feats of (extremely minor) awesomeness witnessed from time to time. I’m also fortunate enough that my feats of clumsiness are usually unnoticed. I can’t recall anything really dramatic that’s happened, but I do hit my head on things every once in a while, most notably on the ceiling next to the stairs, if I’m ascending or descending them in too spritely of a fashion. In Montana falling down from time to time seemed like a more regular part of life, usually due to snow and ice, but muddy trails were always good culprits for that sort of thing too. Since being in Seattle, surfaces tend to have better traction, but I’ve discovered that moss can be pretty slippery, so caution on wet inclines is still a necessity!

Over the years I’ve gotten better at successfully arresting the descent of falling objects with my feet, but it’s also a very odd reflex, since it occasionally results in an unintentional drop-kick of a small object across a room, which doesn’t really improve the situation. Sometimes it’s worth the risk, though. I’d rather drop my phone on my shoe and then fall to the sidewalk, for example, than have it smash into the concrete unimpeded.