I’ve recently completed a zine called A Guide to Football, By Charlie Capp, Who Knows Almost Nothing About It (a clumsy title, I know), but I’ve made the error of publicizing it slightly before I’ve made an effective way to sell it! So, this page exists: simply click the little PayPal button below, and you should be able to start a process that will allow you to purchase a zine, and have me mail it to you! The price is $5, without any extra postage at this time (US residents, that is– if you’re from another country it might be best to e-mail me), and you’ll receive a copy of the zine with a color cover, and B&W interior.

Please note that this page is mostly a placeholder to provide a home for that button– the ultimate form of the “buy the zine here” page will evolve and shift as I craft it into a proper lean, mean, zine-sellin’ machine. But it’s functional! Thanks for your interest, and e-mail me if you have any questions!